Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Google Tips and Google Wave soon

100 Google Tricks- I foud a great article todaygiven to me by a Twitter friend about Google tricks that will save you time in school. Of the 100 listed, my favorite is Google Talk and the consolidation tool that allows me to use gmail to consolidate my numerous email accounts.
1-I have been using Google Talk since the hands free law came into place. I simply yell into my phone any information I need and wait for it to pop up on my iPhone screen. Just yesterday, I needed directions and I spoke into the phone using the G-Talk app and up comes directions to my destination and a listed set of phone numbers in case I get lost.
2-This past summer, I set up a gmail account because LAUSD email sucks. There is very limited space..I believe we get about 100 MB of space before it all goes awry- and you cant send or receive. With gmail I can keep my district email empty and save any deleted copies in my gmail account. I also don't have to worry about checking multiple sites for email updates...I'll be glad when Google Wave is up and running!


andy stewart said...

Personally, I use Showdocument for online teaching and web conferencing. I'm not saying these programs aren't good,
But I think a web-based application is always better, since there's nothing to download or install.
try it at . -andy

Ms.Jackson said...

Thanks Andy I agree, web-based apps are a bit easier esp. in a school setting. I think I have a soft spot for anything Google (and Apple). I will definitely try out Showdocument to measure its effectiveness in my school library.