Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ruminating on the Core: Implications for Teacher Librarians

Ruminating on the Core activated my curiosity for implications for Teacher Librarians, Technologists and other Specialists in the school.   In particular, Teacher Librarians have long endured the pinch of the budget, each year fearing the worst, losing their jobs.  After five consecutive years of RIFS for Teacher Librarians, this year is different in that it serves as a chance for Teacher Librarians to plan for the new school year and be the frontrunners for the Common Core Standards.  Like other school districts, LAUSD district offices have began to support this sub group of professionals with promotional materials such as the one pictured below. Professional Development workshops have been provided for Teacher Librarians in preparation for this shift.  At the last LAUSD TL Professional Development, Teacher Librarians were provided literature and in particular one article by Gewertz, labeled TL’s as the “Secret Weapon” for Common Core integration. As the secret weapon, TL’s will be charged with leadership roles that include identifying text complexities, assessing students' reading abilities, weeding collections, purchasing, selecting and introducing students and teachers to quality non-fiction texts.
 However, Professionals at San Jose State University SLIS (School of Library and Information Science) have long prepared for this shift in education for School Librarians.  Professors like Dr. David Loerstcher, have created platforms through Social Media and electronic Documents that promote the ongoing conversation to utilize School Librarians effectively within the purposes of the Common Core Standards.  Loerstcher writes,  since the Core Standards as a whole stress that language arts permeates every discipline taught, teacher librarians can confidently link research, information use, and technology across the entire curriculum as a means of pushing the bottom line on whatever assessments are prescribed.  He provides an example, “the teacher librarian had Mrs. Smith’s 3rd grade class for research three times over the year, each in a different discipline. Each time, the level of sophistication in writing went up; both adults included that track record in their annual reports (David Loertscher, CCS Google Doc 2010).  Loertscher further recommends a collaborative partnership formed between teachers and TL’s, “When collaborating with classroom teachers on any learning experience, check in the writing standards for the sophistication level expected of the product as a guide in building expectations, the support that will be needed, and the formative and summative assessments made jointly by the teacher and the teacher librarian”.
This year, the future of Teacher Librarians appears to be brighter than past years, and possibly because of the adoption of Common Core.  The implications of these standards are likely a perfect combination for both TL’s and Teachers to become more collaborative in their work and continue to bridge the achievement gap that has existed for far too long in LAUSD.   As a TL, I look forward to using the anchor Core Standards as an inclusive set for collaboration with all teachers at my school site.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Professional Development Saturday

Normally for teachers, the weekend is not a normal work day. We use the weekend to rejuvenate ourselves and prepare for the next challenging week. Well today is Saturday and we will be using this day to educate ourselves in several professional development workshops offered by our school. If you are reading this, you have decided to attend my workshop on technology. Today we will explore Google Docs and Educational Networks' School Website Program. The workshop span 1 1/2 hours.

Google Docs Prezi Presentation

Google Docs in Plain English from Common Craft

Google Docs Introduction

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Google Tips and Google Wave soon

100 Google Tricks- I foud a great article todaygiven to me by a Twitter friend about Google tricks that will save you time in school. Of the 100 listed, my favorite is Google Talk and the consolidation tool that allows me to use gmail to consolidate my numerous email accounts.
1-I have been using Google Talk since the hands free law came into place. I simply yell into my phone any information I need and wait for it to pop up on my iPhone screen. Just yesterday, I needed directions and I spoke into the phone using the G-Talk app and up comes directions to my destination and a listed set of phone numbers in case I get lost.
2-This past summer, I set up a gmail account because LAUSD email sucks. There is very limited space..I believe we get about 100 MB of space before it all goes awry- and you cant send or receive. With gmail I can keep my district email empty and save any deleted copies in my gmail account. I also don't have to worry about checking multiple sites for email updates...I'll be glad when Google Wave is up and running!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reception at the Getty House-9/25

To ring in the school year, Mayor Villaraigosa invited parents and staff at Partnership schools to the Getty house to recap last years failures and successes and welcome a new and improved school year. With an alarming low confidence vote from teachers at partnership schools, the Mayor pledged his allegiance to improving communication amongst the school community and raising academic achievement amongst students.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Comcast Center-Largest Screen

I visited Philadelphia and visited the Comcast center which boasts to have the largest projector screen in the nation. Not sure of its true, but the security guard there was sure of it! It was a beautiful showing. Watching the screen made me feel as if it were real!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Do 'Normal' People visit libraries while on vacation?

While on vacation this summer I got lost in the Philadelphia Free Library, Eastern State Penitentary and NYC Library. I tried to site see at other places but I kept finding myself back at the library.